Easylanguage Experts

The best way to learn something is from the worlds greatest experts. Using EasyLanguage.com has on it’s expert committee some of the top EasyLanguage experts of all time.

If you want to learn EasyLanguage keep coming to this site for updated content. If you have a trading idea and want someone else to code it or evaluate it then come to our EasyLanguage experts.  You can submit your project and  ask one of our experts to take a look at your system. They will place a bid to do the work. Once you accept the bid, they will begin helping you solve your problem.

Our Experts

Sunny Harris

Sunny Harris has been trading since 1981 (33 years). She is a computer…

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George Pruitt

With 22 years of experience, George has had a storied trading career. …

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Samuel Tennis

Former senior programmer at Omega Research which is now TradeStation, …

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Miles Dunbar

Miles Dunbar is Managing Director for Daniels Trading – California….

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Murray Ruggiero

Murray Ruggiero is the chief systems designer, and market analyst at T…

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