Free TradeStation Code

We’re proud to offer our readers free TradeStation code. Our free code is not just junk or stuff that already comes with TradeStation. This code is developed by some of the foremost experts on EasyLanguage. We have free code for all levels of TradeStation users from beginner to expert. Learn everything from how experts use TradeStation to build complex strategies (systems) to tips and tricks that you can use for your own research and development.

Currently, we offer four different free TradeStation code downloads. We plan on adding new free TradeStation code on a regular basis. This code will include TradeStation Strategies,Indicators, Functions and more.

Intermarket Divergence

This program is the basic, free version of the advanced software developed by Murray Ruggiero Jr. It is fully open-source and disclosed. As a leading TradeStation expert, Murray has spent many years examining the relationships between markets which is called “intermarket analysis”. This free TradeStation code helps you analyze inter-related markets and determine the predictive power of such a relationship. This tool then lets you generate 100% objective signals.

Moving Average Crossover

This code improves upon the venerable Moving Average Crossover by introducing a delay. It is an incredibly well-written and thought-out piece by Jeff Swanson of System Trader Success. This is highly recommended reading and certainly expect more free code from Jeff in the coming weeks and months!


When developing a strategy within TradeStation, many times it is important to plot how the system is performing in order to visually see ways in which it can be improved. This article and free TradeStation code gives you a brief introduction as to how some of the built-in variables in TradeStation let you visualize your system’s statistical measures in new and innovative ways.


This utility lets you analyze price patterns within TradeStation. Price patterns can be difficult to test due to the many different permutations that you may want to test. George Pruitt, a FTC quantitative specialist in the area of technical trading strategies, has developed open-source code that will make testing these permutations much easier. This is highly recommended for anyone interested in price pattern research.

MAR Spotlight Code

During a recent TradeStation Labs talk, Murray gave away some free TradeStation code that can help those new to the TradeStation platform learn about EasyLanguage and how to build systems and accomplish research. You can see the full talk for yourself!

Pivot Point Zone Code

Murray has also posted on the site a shell of a classic intra-day system that is based on pivot point zones. Completely open-source, this free download comes with two strategies, called “-Zones” and “ZoneArticlePartB”, respectively.

SKSort 2D Array Code

This code, written originally by TradeStation expert, Sam Tennis, solves a bug that currently exists in the 2D array sorting algorithm used by TradeStation. It is a very interesting piece that highlights a bug with the current TradeStation software.

Empirical Mode Decomposition Indicator

The Empirical Mode Decomposition Indicator (EMD) helps identify whether a market is in a cycle or trend mode. This indicator is discussed in the article titled “Empirical Mode Decomposition” in the March 2010 Issue of Stocks and Commodities magazine, by John F. Ehlers and Ric Way.

Channel Breakout

This post takes a look at multi-timeframe analysis within TradeStation. This is a simple channel breakout which gets in using market orders on intra-day bars. We use daily bars on data 2. We want to make sure that our variables which are used to get the highest high and lowest low are tied to roll on a daily timeframe. This requires a two step process which, along with the code, is described in the blog post.