Pivot Point Zone Free Code

The latest free TradeStation code that Murray Ruggiero has posted on this site is a shell of a classic intra-day system that is based on pivot point zones. Included within the zip file are two strategies. The first one, called “-Zones” is a simple intra-day zone system which we can either trade all classic patterns or test one at a time. The second system is called “ZoneArticlePartB” and lets us test five different patterns. It also lets us store the zone we are in on each bar of the day using 45 minute bars on the ES day session. Using this second system, you can print the course of the market through the zones all day and see if you can find a predictive pattern that you can use to determine trade outcomes.

All this code is fully open-source and is a great learning resource for traders. Also included within this file is a link to my original two-part article on intra-day zone trading from Futures Magazine.

To get this code, please fill out the form on the right!


  1. Joe Chong says

    Hi Murray, appreciate the Pivot Point Zone Free Codes. Also, saying thanks for your useful products through the years. Bought the Inside Advantage newsletter backcopies and some other tradestation codes. Thanks very much.


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