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Welcome to Using EasyLanguage

From the authors of the book, Using EasyLanguage 9.x, this site provides both newcomers and experienced TradeStation users alike some insight into how the world’s leading experts use the platform on a daily basis to do their research and develop systems. On this site, you will find everything from free TradeStation code, to TradeStation indicators, to the definitive resource on learning EasyLanguage, the Using EasyLanguage 9.x book.

Featured Resources

Adaptive Indicator Library

Adaptive Indicator Library

The adaptive indicator library automatically tunes its indicators to half of the current dominant cycle based on use of the Hilbert transform. If we look at the math for most technical indicators their math assume that we are using half of the dominant cycle. We use always have them tuned to this they will offer the same physical properties with the data in terms of high and lows.
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TradeStation Strategies

TradeStation Strategies

In the TradeStation community, trading systems are referred to as “TradeStation Strategies”. TradeStation strategies have a special structure that you need to understand when designing them. In this page, Murray Ruggiero Jr., one of the authors of the book, walks through how to design these strategies and also some tips and tricks that every TradeStation user should know.
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Using EasyLanguage 9.x Book and Code

Using EasyLanguage 9.x Book

An excellent resource for anyone who is interested in learning EasyLanguage. Beginning with basic concepts, this book quickly leads the reader into advanced topics such as text functions to place text on charts, drawing objects, activity bars, and probability maps. Whether you’re interested in coding your own ideas or modifying others’ code, this book will definitely help guide you along the way!
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Recent Activity

Multiple-Output Functions in TradeStation

By: Murray Ruggiero Jr. (January 27, 2015)
In this post, Murray explains how multiple-output functions work within TradeStation. Both beginning and advanced EasyLanguage learners will find this post useful as multiple-output functions are a powerful tool of the trade when developing trading systems.
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Using EasyLanguage for Non-Programmers

By: Murray Ruggiero Jr. (November 7, 2014)
See the talk that Murray gave during TradeStation Labs. Having authored more than 180 articles and being contributing editor to Futures magazine, Murray in this talk shows how non programmers can program their ideas using EasyLanguage. This is a great starting point before reading Using EasyLanguage for 9.X…
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